[CURRENTLY LISTENING: Boyfriend snoring on skype and Jonah Cohen - "What Becomes Of Me"]

[MOOD: Inspired!]

Hello my darling fashion fans! I have something exciting to share with you all! Have any of you guys heard of The Costume Ball event that is quickly approaching? No? Hm, well then, y’all are slacking and need to pay more attention. What is it, you ask? Well, it’s in the Halloween spirit, so to speak. It has a ton of amazing designers already signed on for the event and I cannot wait for this one! Who is participating you ask? Favorites like Al Vulo, Cheeky Pea, Wasabi Pills, DeeTalez, Izzies, HANDverk, etc. Sounds awesome already, right? I thought so!

To get in the spirit, I stole A and made her dress up with me with looks that fit the feel of this new event, and hopefully you like them! If not, we at least had a great time playing dress up and hunting down a pretty ballroom to take pictures in! For more information on the event, see here.

I’ll keep you posted on more event related stuff as more of the details are released. Be excited with me, will you!?

- M


DRESS: Steampunk Diva – Vassnia

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Soleil –  black & whites


CROWN: Gorgeous Royal Crown – Black – *C:K*  Curious Kitties

CHOKER:  :Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque]

EYE ACCESSORY: Kay Fairey’s Mus – Crie Style

MAKE UP LAYER:  black matte lipstick – black liquid


DRESS AND GLOVES: :VC Designs: Contessa Masquerade Outfit v.1.0

MASK: (TW) Lace Masquerade – Red

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Briony – light blondes

CROWN: **Nightfairy’s** Pearldaimond Tiara

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