The Space Between

I might have waited a bit long for this post but I can honestly say I think it was worth it! I hope you guys love this as much as me but I am having the hardest time typing right now with these weirdos that seem to find me in skype and smack talk about flies while I am trying to type this up! Never a dull moment with the insane people of Secondlife.


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Heavy Dirty Soul

You know how you mean to do things and you have everything set up but you just keep forgetting that last step? Well that has been me the last two days! I have everything done for a blog post but the actual post, so I am very sorry this is late but this bag from Reverie is totally worth it!!


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jessie J – “Flashlight” ]

[ MOOD: Sick ]

Finally, finally got the chance to sit down and get a blog post together for everyone. I’m sorry I’ve been slacking. This new over night work schedule is just, a hard adjustment so I’m exhausted all the time. None the less, I’m here with Morg, got some cute stuff to show you. Pink Acid, made a brand new skin for the Lelutka mesh heads, it’s available at The Cosmetic Fair. Morg and I are both wearing a mesh head and the same skin, just different tones. Enjoy <3

– N (& M)


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jeremih f/YG – “Don’t Tell ‘Em” ]

[ MOOD: Icky ]

Hey darlings! So, aside from being on hiatus and being sick, my graphics card has been acting up – I update to the new Firestorm and now can’t use the viewer at all. This means, I’m stuck on an outdated version of Singularity, where the quality is seriously lacking. I spent a good two hours trying to get a picture of somewhat decent quality, and that is the one you are going to see here. I’m gonna keep trying to fix this stuff, so I appreciate your patience throughout the process.

Happy Friday y’all.

– M


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