Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Hello my lovelies, I am bringing you just a little bit of everything from a handful of my favorite designers. Well, I’m pretty sure they are everyone’s favorite designers to be honest. How can you not love Ms. Nova Faerye’s wonderful creations? Really, its just every single hair I want to hug and call friend. Ok maybe I just have a hair obsession. Anyways, my loves also extent to the awesome Sunami Beck that is the mastermind behind Emery and the simple styleishness. ( can we just make that a word already auto correct?) And of course, Darling Monday who has the irony of a store called These boots are probably my favorite pair of shoes she has created. They are cute little ankle boots with some fairly detailed work with the trim. So go forth, and shop!

lowcountry_004 - Copy

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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Calvin Harris – “Outside” ]

[ MOOD: Annoyed ]

Hi my darlings! As I’m sure you are all aware, I’ve been on hiatus for the last two months in an attempt to get my shit straight and reup my blogging MOJO. I’m slowly getting it back, but my time is limited so I’m doing the best I can at the moment. I’ll have plenty more to show you so keep your eyes peeled, hopefully you’ll be seeing me more.

Miss you guys. Stay classy.

– M


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I got hell to pay

Little bones does it YET AGAIN! So cute, so scene! Honestly if you want a variety of hair styles and trends little bones is the store to go to! And Cynful coming out with this cute hoodie dress was just perfect timing! I love the combo of the hair, dress and these awesome wedges from Reign! I kind of didn’t want to change my clothes for a while, seriously my avi was starting to smell… But it was worth it.


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