[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Chris Brown – “Liquor” ]

[ MOOD: Sleepy ]

When you wanna work and bae wants to photobomb. It’s great. I do it to him all day while he works so it’s only fair.

Anyways, there is a new skin store L’Etre that’s hitting the grid and it’s amazing. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best skins I’ve seen some out in a long time. The detail on them are amazing. I’ve got one to show ya’ll here but get ready, you’ll be seeing more from me and L’Etre soon! Behind the cut is a close up of the face, it’s *_* FYI ladies — It does not have Belleza or Lelutka appliers but he’s working on getting them for everyone soon! <3

-N (& B )


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jason DeRulo – “Want to Want Me” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

Slowly but surely I am getting back into the swing of things. My hiatus may soon be over at this rate, but we’ll see. I’m loving having my graphics card up and running as it should be, and well, I love blogging so the combination means good things!

Anyway, quick post for now! More to come (I promise)!

– M


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A Day Gone By

With summer here, the blog posts seem to stretch out a bit longer which is not my intent but honestly… How can anyone stay inside all of the time with beautiful skies and longer days? I’ve actually been shopping a lot on SL but I just can’t seem to put together a whole outfit I like or I can’t find a background that captures what I’d like to with the outfit, but today has been a break through! That and it happens to be the day I avoided scooping the kitty litter. I love my cat but ugh, dogs are easier!

A Day Gone By

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