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Okay so. I wasn’t going to post tonight because I am utterly exhausted. However, I received a lovely little offline today while I was at work letting me know that I was nominated for the Avi Choice Awards for FAVORITE FASHION BLOG!! Can we say OMG! How amazing is that? I am so thankful to everyone who nominated Our Stories To Tell for that category. You’ve officially made my year. I am so happy you guys are still loving us and the things that we do. On top of thanking those who nominated us, I want to also say thank you to Nov & Micah, because without you girls, I would be nothing. I love you both.

Now, with the mushy stuff out of the way, I have to tell you guy about the Avi Choice Awards! The voting opens tonight at midnight so make sure to stay tuned to the website, AviChoiceAwards.com! If you guys love OSTT and want to see us win, by all means, get your vote on. Or, if you think we’re annoying, just ignore it totally! Either way, I am so thankful to even be nominated. So, from the bottom of my pixel heart, I thank you.

Also, quick post for y’all. Enjoy! More soon this weekend, don’t you worry! Oh, and before I forget – R3VOLT & MOON are both offering 50% sales so go get your shop on!

- M


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[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: David Bowie – “Space Oddity” ]

[ MOOD: Sleepy ]

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It’s a cold Tuesday here so while I was hiding away from the world, I grabbed my lovely B and made him show you guys this awesome new pose from the Suicide Dollz event! The pose is from CS and it actually comes with the car and the backdrop!

PS.- The song is Bhad’s special request. He wanted you all to know and appreciate his extreme love for David Bowie <3

-N (& B)

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