[ CURRENTLY LISTENING: Alina Baraz & Galimatias – “Fantasy” ]

In just a few days the amazing Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening and I’m so incredibly excited.I’m not going to pretend I am not thrilled I was chosen to blog for it because lets get real – I’m not that good! LOL But someone was moderately impaired and decided to give me a shot. When I saw this specific outfit and the poses from Poseidon I was super inspired. I want to add here that I’m not a rockstar with Photoshop so these pictures are a true representation of the quality and detail of the items, raw from in world. Flawless right?

N & I will be out for the next week and a few days don’t miss us too much! ❤




HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Vida –  reds

FULL OUTFIT: TSC-Battle Warrior (Maitreya) ULTRARARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

SWORD: Poseidon Forever Fantasy Women Warrior Sword R1 (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

TATTOO: .::VELVET::. Teder ULTRARARE (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

POSES: Poseidon Forever Fantasy Women FGC Feb 2017 (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

GLITTER: “Moon_Sha” Light Accesories –  Glitter Spiral Gold (@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)


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