[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Bea Miller – “Yes Girl”]

I’m really feeling the natural colors in this picture. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something bold or more blend in (ish). Clearly blend in is what I ended up with. I sort of stumbled upon this windlight and it really just highlighted the amazing textures of both the romper and the bracelets which I loved. This is something I would totally wear in real life, other than the heels because lets be honest I’m not graceful!

I love the hat with it to, brings in some of my old South Florida style – now I need to go do brunch somewhere and need someone to make me this outfit IRL…Any takers?




HAIR & HAT: TRUTH HAIR Fenella –  variety

ROMPER: [Cynful] Hipster Denim Jumpsuit – Coral [Add me]

SHOES: [BREATHE]-Cora Heels-Brown

BRACELETS: **RE** MoonFlight Bracelets

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