[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Selena Gomez – “Same Old Love” ]

[ MOOD: Exhausted ]

Hi guys. Me again! I know I said I’d be more active but right now, I’m slowly getting back into this thing so once a week sounds good to me. For now. I’m sure that’ll change at some point.

Also, I know some of y’all told me one of my links was broken in my previous post – I have corrected it so you can go back to get the LM for the ballet top. Sorry about that y’all!

Let it be known that the comeback has started. ;3

– M



HAIR: Lamb. Fate – Pastel Pack ( @ N21 )

TOP: Besom Outfitters~ Off the shoulder cable sweater – Siena ( @ Shiny Shabby )

JEANS: {mon tissu} Best Friend Jeans (Rigged) ~ Original Wash

SHOES: [BREATHE]-Rhea Heels-Cream Tan ( @ Shiny Shabby )

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