[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Shawn Mendes – “Stitches” ]

[ MOOD: Smitten ]
Got some awesome new stuff to show ya’ll. I’ve been a bit busy in RL the last week or so but I managed to get some time to do a post for ya’ll. SL Fashion Week returns this week so here are some of the goodies ❤




HAIR: little bones. Vapor – (COMING SOON @ N21 )

EARRING: Pink Acid Arrowhead Earring – Coal (@ SL FASHION WEEK )

TATTOO: .Things.- Apacheta Tattoo (@ SL FASHION WEEK)

LIPS: NOX. Luxe Gloss [Pink] (@ SL FASHION WEEK)

JUMPER: Blueberry – Reignberry – Beaded Rompers – (COMING SOON @ N21)

SHOES: [whatever] Bohrium – black – gold (@ SL FASHION WEEK)

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