[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Hunter Hayes – “Wild Card” ]

[ MOOD: Awake ]

Holy cow. It’s almost 9am and I am wideeee awake. I can’t believe I woke up early enough to get my roommate’s kid to school, blog and check the news before having to log into work! I’m so excited with all the spring looks, it makes me miss the sim that Nov & I used to own, that was so pretty back in the day. I want it back! It was so pink and sparkly. Yes, I said pink and sparkly.

With that being said, hope you like the pic and the look! Enjoy your day my darlings!

– M


HAIR: +Spellbound+ Nahara

TOP: GATO– Tamera Crop Top

DRESS: * VinCue ~ Maxxi+Dress – HotPink ( Coming Soon @ The Season’s Story )

MAKEUP: Pink Acid Lip Essentials Lipstick (gift)

JEWELRY: .Luminary. Stark Paw ( @ The Secret Affair )

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