[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Billy Joel – “Longest Time” ]

[ MOOD: Sweaty ]

Holy crap it’s hot here in Florida today! It’s still early enough to enjoy the pool, so I’m pretty sure that is where my day is headed, with beer in hand. Oh yes. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Most importantly, it reminds me of a certain person. This person, if you guys recall, has been a staple in my life for sooo many years now. I think we’re heading to four or five years of friendship now, I can’t remember. For those who were followers of this blog when we first got started – you’ll remember, I started this blog on my own and then added Cadence, then Nov. Cadence has come and gone from the blog, but even through all the rough patches we’ve suffered through, and even after we lost each other once or twice, we have always found our way back to one another. She’s got a 1/4 of my soul resting somewhere in her heart, and I can say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her – I’m thankful for the good and the bad, and I’m even more thankful that she is still a part of my life, growing more and more with each passing day. I will forever love this woman, and our matching RL tattoos.

Hope you like the looks. More soon, lots to share with y’all!

– M




HAIR: *Milk* Hair! Star Child *Essentials*

TOP: GATO– Pollinard Shirt

SHORTS: (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts – dark blue

BOOTS: (Milk Motion) leather gaiter boots  – camel

JEWELRY: MG – Earrings – Zaadori – Jade Gold and Silver & :: Sweet Leonard :: Elemental Necklace

M’s LOOK: 

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Ginger 2 ]

DRESS: GATO– Flora Dress

SHOES: *Reign.– Asphyxia heels- Teal

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