[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: The Used – “Overdose” ]
[ MOOD: Buzzed ]

Probably shouldn’t have had all that beer while trying to blog. This is surely going to turn out a hot mess but alas, I tried. Or something like that.

I’m sure you all know that the Cutie Moon fair opened and trust me, if you’ve been seeing as much of it as I have, you know damn well it’s open and filled with adorableness. Hopefully you like the look and the additional special treat I threw in there for you.

Enjoy! More beer for me…

– M



SKIN: Essences – Cutie Moon *light rose* ( @ Cutie Moon )

HAIR: .Olive. the Shiny Moon Hair – Tasty Pastels ( @ Cutie Moon )

SWEATSHIRT: tsg. Bite Me Sweater – Blue

BRA: :OW: “Candy Rainbow” Bra/Panties

PANTIES: *Milk* My LoveLace Panty Purple & Pink

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid Dry Slick Lip Balm Pt.2 – Lavender

AVATAR: * VinCue ~ Chibi+Moony+Jupiter+Dolly ( @ Cutie Moon )

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