[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: John Hart – “Who Booty” ]

[ MOOD: Tired! ]

Hello darlings! Have you ever had one of those days where you sit there, cleaning your inventory and you find old stuff you used to love, but have forgotten to wear in ages? With all the new stuff that comes out, I almost always forget about some of my favorite pieces, which is why when I got dressed today I was like “Okay, all oldies but goodies!” And I ended up loving my outfit. So, if you’ve ever had that happen to you, hopefully you can appreciate this post!

Hope you like it. More soon!

– M



HAIR: little bones. Alabi – Chestnut

TOP: .:villena:. – cotton sweater icecream ombre

PANTS: [Cynful] + lil’lace – Bell Bottom Striped

SHOES: * VinCue ~ Tuddy+Ponty+Flat+Shoes – Pearls

JEWELRY: .Olive. the Mr. Me Stashing Necklace – Gold

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