[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Backstreet Boys – “Crawling Back To You” ]

[ MOOD: Determined ]

Yep, I’m rocking out to old school BSB. It’s that kind of a day, I guess. Trying to find anything and everything to make me feel remotely more relaxed and comfortable than I currently am. Speaking of comfortable. Can we talk about this outfit? I’M OBSESSED. Everything that Reign makes, I love. And this dress is no exception. It’s not only mesh, but it’s made to fit the ass, and comes with appliers as well. It blends so nicely, I am just…swooning. I love it so much *_*!

Hope you guys like it! More soon, of course.

– M



HAIR: ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair – Cowl up – ( @ The Season’s Story )

DRESS: *REIGN.- Sweatleneck Dress- Gray ( @ The Azz Show )

SOCKS: *REIGN.- Ballet Warmers- White ( @ The Azz Show )

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid Candy Glass Gloss – Gum Pink

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