[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Dave Barnes – “Seventeen” ]

[ CURRENT MOOD: Pumped! ]

The mission to keep myself busy has been a frustrating one but finally things are falling into place while boyfriend is away, and I’ve become so busy now that I’m rarely alone, which means I’m not wallowing in my sadness like I normally do. I miss him, terribly and it breaks my heart a little more every day that he’s away, and out of touch, but the days go faster when I’ve got a distraction, so let’s hope this plot continues to play out the way it is because goodness, I want him home nowwww.

With that being said, I forgot to blog today so ta-da, here you go! Hope you like it, even if I’m slacker!

– M



HAIR: little bones. Mercury – Charcoal

TOP: [S] CamotaZtik Dress Army ( @ The Azz Show )

JEANS: [QE] Dat Ass Jeans- Black Wash ( @ The Azz Show )

ACCESSORIES: [S] GatchaZ WingZ RARE Army Camo

MAKEUP LAYERS: – Chary – Blurred Lines 1 & – DAMNED –  Tribal Make up

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