[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jon McLaughlin – “Doesn’t Mean Goodbye” ]

[ CURRENT MOOD: Defeated ]

Tonight was an eye opener for me. I saw a lot of things happening around me and with the way things were headed, I losing control pretty quickly. Normally I am level headed, I can’t remember the last time I got really angry over something, or cried out of frustration, but tonight, my limits were pushed to so far past my breaking point that I swear I was going to snap and go completely insane. I feel spread so thin, and exhausted, that I want to just sit in darkness, by candle light, listening to classical piano melodies while trying to sleep. I need my happy place back, and while it’s gone, it’s hard to stay sane.

I was surprised though when I logged in world and saw a lovely notecard from a reader of the blog. She was very sweet, needed some help – so I messaged her, wanted to get in touch and try to help her out. Not only was she sweet, but she was easy to talk to and kept me company in world. Needless to say, that random act made me a little less angry at th world and I feel fragile, but certainly not broken.

So, what I’m saying is..the look is fragile, but not broken. Hope you like it!

– M



SKIN: Essences ~ Rose *peche ( w/Tango, Slink Hand & Feet, Phat Azz appliers )

HAIR: -LaViere- Amanda Greyscale

DRESS.Mes Sucreries. Alejandra Longtop – Nude ( @ The Boobies Show Birthday Event )

ACCESSORIES: +Half-Deer+ Metallic Leaf-Vein Antlers (Madrone) & Nana Smashing Crown Wood light

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