[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Robin Thicke – “Give It To You” ]

[ MOOD: Content ]

As I sit here tonight, I realized how different things have been. I’ve been so busy since coming here to Florida, that I’m hardly able to really sit down and catch up on things. Which is why this post is about two days late, but hey now, cut me some slack okay? i’m doing the best I can with everything I’m going through! I’m always perving the styles the though, so don’t think for a second I’ll let anything epic slip through my fingers without sharing it with y’all!

Hope you like the post! More soon, darlings! Oh, and hello, how cute is this outfit?! I’m sooo ready for fall! I want pumpkin everything!!! *_*!

– M



HAIR:  TRUTH HAIR Lyma –  light blondes

CARDIGAN: RMA -Cardi Green

TANK TOP: [LF] Lace Tank Beige

SKIRT: *Milk* My Summer Aztek Skirt 1 (@ SL Fashion Week )

SHOES: _CandyDoll_ Oxygen II Cherry

JEWELRY: Izzie’s – Elephant Jewelry

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