[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: The Used – “The Ocean Of The Sky” ]
[ MOOD: Exhausted ]

It’s probably no secret that lately I’ve been feeling a little left of center, it’s exactly the reason why I haven’t really been around much. Making myself scarce is what I always do when I get lost inside my own head sometimes. No matter how much I try to change things for the better, it always seems to backfire, and its now to the point where I feel so entirely helpless that I just don’t know what else to do about any of it. Normally I can stay positive and keep a smile on my face, but lately it’s like I just can’t even be bothered wasting that extra energy. All I need is one person to take a chance on me and maybe I’ll be back to get things back on track but…maybe that’s asking too much. Maybe I’m slowly going out of my mind. Who knows.

Enough personal word vomit from me, you aren’t here to read my diary, you are here to see some fashion! So fashion is what you’ll get! Hope you like it!

– M & R




SKIN: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Lavinia ] – [ soft sunkissed TDR ] ( @ TDRF )

HAIR: Exile:: Celebrity Skin Natural Fusion

TOP: [LF] Transparent Shirt White

PANTS: [R3] – Cas Leggings [V3]

SHOES:  :FANATIK: Classic Pumps White

ACCESSORIES: ..::DeliciouS::..PreciouS Pinked &  [ S H O C K ] Desire Nails – Almond Series ( @ She&Him )


SKIN: [ Al Vulo! ] – [ Lavinia ] – [ soft sunkissed TDR ] ( @ TDRF )

HAIR: [e] Found – Carrot Reds

TOP: [LDP] L’Douce Push GoGo Top Dots Pink

BOTTOM: *Milk* My Pleated Skirt White

SHOES: Mstyle ANI Pumps – Pink

JEWELRY: *MC* Red Carpet Earrings – Pink

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid City Slicks Lip Gloss – Nude

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