[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: We Are The Fallen – “Bury Me Alive” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

I know, I know,  I already blogged once today but I am so excited that I can’t help myself and I’ve gotta post again. Alice and I have been trying to ages to get together to do a joint post for y’all and finally the stars aligned where we had some free time, so ta-da, blog post! I have to tell you, Alice is probably the sweetest, strongest and definitely craziest person I’ve ever met in SL. She’s opinionated and smart, she stays true to herself and never lets others drag her down. She has been through a lot so far this year, which I know has been difficult for her but I’m thankful for all of it because it brought us together. I can honestly say she’s becoming one of my closest friends. Which means, maybeeee you’ll be seeing more of her pretty face around this blog! Who knows! All I know is I adore her and I’m thankful she’s in my SL. <3!

With all that mushy stuff out of the way, on with the blog post! Hope you like it! Make sure you visit Alice’s blog so you can get the details on her look!

– M ( & A! )



SKIN: :[ Al Vulo! ] – [ arya] – [ Natural Milk ]

HAIR: >TRUTH< Froukje –  gingers

OUTFIT: [ SAKIDE ] Runaway Outfit ( @ MadPea Hunt Room 326 )

SHOES: Kboots-black

ACCESSORIES: ! ellemeno ! clean glasses – black w/ bow

MAKEUP LAYER: dl:: Drinking Blood Face Tat

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