[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Kelly Clarkson – “Tie It Up” ]

[ MOOD: Motivated ]

I finally logged in world today, to both R & M2 telling me they had been working on outfits for a blog post today, so I decided to jump on board in order to make it a threesome post! Totally adorable idea right? I mean, not only do you get to see our three pretty faces, but three totally different looks. And hi, can I point out how R is seriously a short shit? She’s so damn small compared to M2 and I! Geeeez woman needs some extra high heels or something.

Anyway, lots of new stuff to share with you guys so onward with the post!

Enjoy, dearies!

– M ( + R & M2 )



M2’s LOOK:

HAIR: D!va – Mimi ( @ Collabor88 )

TOP: [whatever]– Knotted Tanktop ( @ SL Fashion Week )

PANTS:  [R3] Beverly Flares

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid-Deja Lips ( @ She & Him )

TATTOO: Boss Tattoo – Sweet Sacrifice ( @ She & Him )

ACCESSORIES: …::: Scrub :::… Zipped Neck BLACK & (NS)-Rock’n’Rolla Revolver Belt

R’s LOOK: 

HAIR: *booN KCP393 hair black/chocolate/purple

TOP: *HolliPocket* Tasty Delight-Rainbow-Full Pocket  ( @ She & Him )

PANTS: [Crash Republic] Knee Shorts – Black  ( @ She & Him )

SHOES: Razor /// Lovesick Boots

ACCESSORIES: …::: Scrub :::… Zipped Neck BLACK, RO – Bullet F****** Belt – Purchase Container & Blah. (My Spiky Cap) ( @ She & Him )

M’s LOOK: 

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Kerri 2 –  gingers

TOP: ::DirtyMind:: Striped Bandeau ( @ SL Fashion Week )

SHORTS: ::DirtyMind:: Tia Denim Hot Shorts  (Light) ( @ SL Fashion Week )

LEGGINGS: Izzie’s – High-Waisted Tights (Basics)

SHOES: TEN”10 Megas boots  white

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid Shimmer Lip Gloss – Pink 03 ( @ SL Fashion Week )

ACCESSORIES: …::: Scrub :::… Zipped Neck White

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