[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Mariah Carey – “Honey” ]

[ MOOD: Tired ]

I’m thinking that a hair color change is in the near future for me. I’m tired of all the bloggers looking the same, pale skin, dark hair, or everyone is suddenly a ginger! Not enough classy blondes around here, I swear. And hi, pink hair, when did that become a cool kid thing to do? Oh man, that makes me wish I was still rocking my purple hair from 2009. That’d be sweet! Maybe I’ll do that instead. 

Just one more thing to change around these parts. Speaking of change, I might have another something special up my sleeve for y’all, so keep your eyes peeled! Anyway, I’ll stop with the yapping and just get on with the post! Enjoy my dearies!

– M 



HAIR: >TRUTH< Vanya –  browns

DRESS: {le fil casse} l’opera dress black ( Coming Soon @ She & Him ) 

SHOES: Slink Fabric Platforms Black

ACCESSORIES: * VinCue ~ Zooly+Head+Band – 4 RavenGirrafe *RARE*

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