[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Mariah Carey – “Beautiful” ]

[ MOOD: Frustrated ]
Well well well, look who it is! Me!! 😀 I hope you guys aren’t to mad at me for being away in RL and stuff. As you know from M, I had relocated back up to Boston and FINALLY set my computer back up today. I have some incredible stuff to show ya’ll so I HAD to finally get it done. However, my net is a tad shitty, and I’m hoping to have that fixed soon, so be patient with me okay? 😀

Anyways, I know you got to see M&M (See what I did there? Haha! M1 & M2) both today, but everyone needs some R in their lives so…without futher bullshit!

Enjoy ❤




HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Jolene – LightBlondes03Fade

HEADPHONES: RO – Jetstream – Grey

NECKLACE:[LF] Celtic Soul Necklace MND4 Hunt

FACE MAKEUP:Lovely Disarray – I’m no Priest

COLLAR: PurePoison – Red Devil Collar {wear only}

TOP: [AB] Semi MESH Cleopatra Dress Black (top only)

SKIRT:[R3] Ramona Skirt [V1]

GLOVES: [R3] – Black Studded Gloves Unisex [MESH]

LEGGINGs: Izzie’s – Tights fishnet

RINGS: TP!B LadyFingers BadBitch

BOOTS: RO – Hobnails – LEATHER (Available at FaMeshed on July 1st!)

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