[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Christina Aguilera – “Your Body” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

Ohhh my goshhhh. It was like Christmas when I logged in world this morning and saw this new dress from Fanatik. I love, love, love, love this dress! And hi, polka dots, which we all know I’ve been obsessed with for ages (hence my many mickey mouse inspired posts) and they did me one better by making this dress boob friendly. Ohhh yes! My little blogger heart is so full of love for this dress it’s not even funny!

I’m too tired to really get overly chatty on you guys – so enjoy the post and have a good Friday, hm?!

– M



HAIR: Exile::Live Every Moment Light Browns ( @ My Attic )

DRESS: :FANATIK: Polkadot dress – Red

SHOES: Retro’ – Christine heel white

JEWELRY: MG – Earrings – 60’s Gogo Disks – BW

MAKEUP LAYERS: Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner & Essences – Endless Night Lipstick 09

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