[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Casey Abrams – “Get Out” ]

[ MOOD: Irritated ]

Whyyyyy Linden Labs, whyyyyyy! Why the mandatory server side baking for all residents?! Don’t you know that you guys are making it so graphically challenging to actually log in world and do stuff, it’s so demanding on a computer. I mean, my comp is less than two years old, and I updated my graphics card about six months ago but it’s still not enough to keep up with what y’all are doing. I can’t imagine having an older system and trying to use SL. Holy cow, it’s like they want their users to either shell out all this extra money to support a new computer system or simply quit. Am I the only one who thinks that way?

With that being said – please bear with me during this adjustment period in terms of pictures on the blog. I know the roll out for server side baking isn’t for another two weeks but I wanted to update asap so I could give myself time to adjust to all these changes. Besides, I was logging in world on the second to last Firestorm and none of my stuff would rezz. Half my house would be missing – alllll the time. It was every where I went. I tried Singularity and can’t use that viewer, I crash out on log in (nooo idea what that is about!) and I refuse to use the default SL viewer because the interface on it sucks. So, I’m on the  latest  version of Firestorm which of course, hates pictures of high res. Why you gotta be so difficult SL, whyyy!!

Okay, enough ranting. Did y’all like M2’s post yesterday? Isn’t she adorable! I know you’ll love her. And rumor has it, R might be back soon too!

Anyway, enjoy!

– M



SKIN: Essences – Cancer – Light Rose ( @ The Zodiac )

HAIR: Magika [01] Forget ( Currently 50% off )

TOP: .:cheeky:. Bowing Cardigan! Black Mesh

PANTS: [Cynful] + lil’lace – Bell Bottom Blue

SHOES: * VinCue ~ Tuddy+Ponty+Flat+Shoes – Burned

JEWELRY: Pure Poison – Silver Devil Collar ( Coming Soon @ United Fashion Project )


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