[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Vicci Martinez – “Hold Me Darling” ]

[ MOOD: Thoughtful ]

Sun is starting to get up so you know what that means! Another early morning/late night blog post from me. I swear, it’s starting to feel like all I do lately is blog. Do I annoy you guys because of that? Am I blogging too much? Let me know because if you’re getting tired of seeing my face (as pretty as it may be xD) I’ll do my best to stop suffocating you guys. Kind of bad when it comes to that stuff anyway. Super attached blogger ftw? Any of you 9gag fans will get that reference…

As promised, more new stuff that I hope you like! A little sneak peek at the next release coming from Essences, you’re gonna love this skin! I do already, trust me! I love the face, it’s so young and innocent looking. Keeping my fingers crossed for more skintones! Three tones (aka, the beta version) are released today so follow the slurl below to find out where you can get it!


– M



SKIN: Essences – Whisper *Brown Sugar* ( @ The Dressing Room Fusion )

HAIR: Magika [03] Tendency

SHIRT: * VinCue ~ Shorly+Tank – Raven ( @ The Boobies Show )

SKIRT: [R3] Ramona Skirt [V1]

SHOES: Retro’ – Christine heel black

JEWELRY: Pure Poison – Yola Necklace

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