[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: John Mayer – “Paper Doll” ]

[ MOOD: Anxious ]

Another late night, surrounded by the quiet, listening to the thoughts I tend to ignore during the day. It’s easy to get lost inside your own mind when your guard is down and the world seems to move slowly around you. For me, it’s suffocating because there is a reason why I try to keep my thoughts locked away. I’ve told myself since I was a teenager to keep those walls up, never let the world see you cry, or know you are hurting. Seems easy enough, to keep a brave face, fake a tight lipped smile to just get by, right? I wish it was, maybe I’d be better at it. Every once in a while though, that facade eventually has to recharge and it’s hard to just keep it all in line.

I think maybe I’m writing this under the wrong blog…and….yep, ha, I am. Oh well, I’ll keep the post here and just…give you guys the look I had saved up for tomorrow. Ignore the previous word vomit okay?

The next round of the Boobies Show starts tomorrow and here’s some stuff I wanted to show you as a last minute sneak peek.

– M



SKIN: = Baby Butterfly = Skin Beth Blogger Pack ( Coming Soon @ The Boobies Show )

HAIR: Magika [01] Habit

TOP: !Blah. (My Tiny Tank Dress) Black (T+L) ( Coming Soon @ The Boobies Show )

PANTS: .:cheeky:. pipe Jeans! d. Blue Mesh

BOOTS: [Gos] Aviator Boots – Amelia in Worn

TATTOO: !Fappy. Tango Tattoos Swallow Chains ( Coming Soon @ The Boobies Show )

ACCESSORIES: Yasyn – Pheasant Feather Earrings

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