[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Taio Cruz – “Break Your Heart” ]

[ MOOD: Anxious ]

Man, my anxiety is through the roof these last few days. I’ve got this pulsating headache in the center of my eyes, and nothing seems to be working to get rid of it. Maybe it’s the heat. I seem to be blaming everything on that lately. No amount of fans is making this Georgia heat go away, it’s suffocating. Totally different then back North, I’ll tell you that much. Speaking of North, anyone see the Game of Thrones finale last night? SUCKAGE. It was such a lackluster finale, there was no part of me that was like “omg, what’s gonna happen next season”! It was all “uh…okay….” which, makes me nerd rage but at least I can say its over and done with and now, bring on True Blood, woo! xD

Oh, btw, R was totally blogging and I jumped in and stole her post, bwahaha. Sorry twinage! xD

– M ( & R)




HAIR: AD – trouble clef  – blacks

TOP: [FW] Mesh Blazer Woman Panda (@ The Thrift Shop!)

SKIRT: .:Damned Dolls:.Busy Girl OUTFIT [SKIRT ONLY!!!!]  (@ The Thrift Shop!)

SHOES:  Latreia– Lolita Black (@ The Thrift Shop!)

MAKE UP LAYER:  Pink Acid Camille Lips + Teeth – Pink 03

JEWELRY: Pure Poison – Pinky Ribbon Bracelets & Pure Poison – Ribbon Necklace

ACCESSORIES (aka: piercings): AIDORU mistery dermal face dots for her 3gb (@ The Thrift Shop!)


HAIR: .ploom. Penny – Browns

TOP: .tsg. Corset – Black

PANTS: ::TSC:: Jeans – Black Cross

SHOES: [whatever] CG Sneaker – COLOR – Black ( @ SL Fashion Week )

JEWELRY: .Olive. the 7 times Dying Cross Necklace – Silver

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