[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Danity Kane – “One Shot” ]

[ MOOD: Tired ]

Okay, facebookers, stop talking about tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones! I haven’t watched it yet and you bragging about how epic it was, is starting to fluster me! So, to distract myself, I decided to blog while I was still awake and had the down time! Something new and exciting to share with you! Lola pushups – kind of! It’s Lola implants, but they are attached to the corset! Which means, if you take the corset off, you lose the boobs! With that being said, all previous tango skin appliers work on these implants and also – fair warning on this ( don’t say I didn’t tell you! ) – there is no demo for these boobs, they come in just ONE size. Which means, you are going to have one boob size, one corset size! Aka – LOTS OF MODDING to your shape! Proceed with caution if your shape is no modify!

Hope you like it!

– M



HAIR: [LeLutka]-BLAKE hair/Naturals

CORSET (& BOOBS!): Lolas ::: Boudoir ::: White Vendor

PANTIES: :OW: “Candy Rainbow” Panties

HEELS: Mstyle ANI Pumps – Pink

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lip Gloss – Pink

ACCESSORIES: [R3] – Leather Isobel Collar Blue [V1]

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