[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Mary J. Blige – “Real Love” ]

[ MOOD: Inspired!]

Okay darlings, minds open and wallets ready? Now, we all know this blog is not only about fashion, implants and of course, roleplaying! Which is why when I heard about the new shop that caters to roleplay costumes, I had to get involved and show you guys! This outfit was the first one to land in my closest and oh my gosh, I was swooning! You guys are going to love this shop, I just know it!

Now, this outfit is implant friendly which you will see after the cut. We all know I’m not a fan of flashing all the goods, but I don’t like censoring photos either so… I reached a compromise! FAIR. WARNING. Hopefully you approve.


– M



HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Charlize –  browns

OUTFIT: [Provocation] Maid costume (Rigged Mesh) & [Provocation] Maid – lacy accessory set

HEELS: :FANATIK: Classic Pumps Red

MAKEUP LAYER: Pink Acid Silk Lips & Teeth Deep – St Nick

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