[ CURRENTLY LISTENING: Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

I finally did it! After nearly two hours of tweaking, moving,  editing,  re-shooting, etc, I finally found a light setting I can use in SL that is both flattering and effective! I’ve always said that I wanted to do a blog where the shots were raw, and although my graphics aren’t the best, I don’t want to edit the photos too much because it’ll take away from the actual look of the overall appearance – straight from in world! With that being said, YAY for a new light setting that loves me, my graphics and my avatar. Swoon. Hopefully you like the pictures now!

Now, as I was looking back on old blog posts, I came across a post from last year about Lupus awareness, and I remembered that today is wear purple for Lupus! Now, I know the subject is a sensitive one, but this disease has been one that I’ve held dear to my heart for a very long time, and effected someone I cared a lot for – still does to this day. It made me think of her, and though things are different now and times have changed, I still support the awareness of this disease. For more information about it, please visit the official Lupus website to read up on this disease and the dire need for research support!

So, enjoy the blog post and get your purple on (which, btw, is actually my favorite color!)

– M



HAIR: TRUTH HAIR January – Group Gift

DRESS: The Bishes Inc. ~ Dolly Dress  Purple ( Coming Soon @ The Boobies Show )

BOOTS: Slink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black

JEWELRY: ::LC:: Blogger Pack: Jewelry Set ( @ SL Fashion Week )

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