[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Demi Lovato – “Something That We’re Not” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

Oh my goshhhh, look who it is! Yep, that’s me. The slacker. I took a few days off to enjoy some time away from blogging – went back to RPing a little, spent some time with friends, etc, so I’m sure you can understand. Plus today is the boyfriend’s birthday which means this is my only window of opportunity to actually blog! And thankfully, there some cute new stuff to share that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

So, enjoy! Oh, and how am I doing on the whole not blogging all black things?! Good? Yay!

 – M



HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Denee –  browns

DRESS: [R3] – Evony Dress V2 ( Coming Soon @ The Boobies Show! )

BOOTS: [whatever] CG Spikes – brown/ombre

POSES: //elephante poses// Not Too Late ( @ The Garage Designer Fair )

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