[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Darius Rucker – “True Believers” ]

[ MOOD: Frustrated ]

What a day, what a day. Barely been awake 12 hours now and so much as happened. Ever feel like life is spinning out of control for someone you care about and there is really nothing you can do to help them but to stand by and watch, be ready with the fire  extinguisher  and super glue? Gah, it eats at my soul to know that someone I care about is hurting so much, even if I know she’ll get through it because she’s stronger than she gives herself credit for. Sometimes, there is a bigger picture at play and fate has a funny way of making things work out. Just gotta remember that, I guess.

In other news – I’m trying out new windlight settings. With the way Firestorm works now, I can’t seem to pick one that I’m truly happy with. Here’s another attempt at a new windlight. Tell me what you think, or feelf ree to comment with other windlights you think would be better!

Thanks guy, and enjoy!

 – M



HAIR: Magika [01] Honest

JUMPSUIT:Lil’Lace Jump Suit/Black

SHOES: N-core CUORE “Black” (Mesh)

JEWELRY: Pure Poison – – Milla Necklace & [tea.s] Claw Cuff Bangle – Rose Gold ( @ SL Fashion Week )


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