[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Fall Out Boy ft Courtney Love – “Rat A Tat” ]

[ MOOD: Zen ]

Well, it looks like I had a bit of an eye opener this morning. What was it, you ask? I learned that I absolutely SUCK as Kawaii looks. I’ve tried time and time to pull it off and after teaming up with R today, it became more than clear to me that I’m awfully bad at being..bright and adorable. R pulled it off nicely, while I spent a good hour trying to do the same and sadly, it just didn’t happen for me. This is the best you’ll get from me, so I hope you like it!

More new stuff as usual, hope you like it! More soon

– M ( & R )




HAIR: !lamb. The Big Doll House (Mesh) – My Little Pony

TOP: ..:sexZ:.. -WhiteKitty KawaiiTittyTee w/Tango applier – ( @ Kawaii Fair )

SHORTS: Pink Acid Booty Shorts (light wash)

TIGHTS: Pink Acid Polka Dot leggings – black

BOOTS: [R3] – Military Boots (Female)

MAKE UP LAYER: Pink Acid Kawaii Cupcake Lip Gloss & Teeth – Pink ( @ Kawaii Fair )

ACCESSORIES: The P!nk Bandaid -Boxed-Prickle Bangles

M’s (totally fail Kawaii) LOOK:

HAIR: Magika [01] Habit

TOP: ..:sexZ:.. -BlueOwl KawaiiTittyTee w/Tango applier – ( @ Kawaii Fair )

JEANS: [R3] – Suspender Jeans V2 (Dark)

BOOTS: {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Dark Brown

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