[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Foo Fighters – ” A Matter Of Time” ]

[ MOOD: Cranky ]

Hello darlings! I know, I know, I keep blogging R3VOLT stuff but I can’t help it. This shop is seriously catering to my ‘darker’ side, the RPer in me, who lives in a post-apoc world is swooning over all the stuff they’ve come out with. And, I will admit, the boyfriend was drooling over their latest release. I am sure he plans to take advantage of it later, but I didn’t say that ;p!

Anyway, lots of new stuff to come, so hold your horses! Enjoy, dearies!

– M



SKIN: Essences – Onagh – Sunkissed

HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Lily Mesh Hair – Browns Pack

HARNESS: [R3] Grey Veronica Harness [V1]

SKIRT: [R3] – Lowrise Mini (Grunge 1)

BOOTS: Razor /// Envy Boots – Full Version – w/ HUD

ACCESSORIES: [R3] – Black Studded Gloves Unisex [MESH]

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