[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Jake Owen – “Anywhere With You” ]

[ MOOD: Excited! ]

You know, this big ol’ world of SL is soooo much smaller than you realize. I was reminded of that today when I got together with the lovely woman behind Love Kills Slowly – Blackmagic Haven aka Bellatrix. She is a doll, and I was so excited she said yes to joining me on another celebratory blog post, but when I found out how much we had in common,  I was a little mind blown. Not only if she gorgeous, friendly and super funny, we share a lot of the same interests and friend circles….soooo strange. I swear, we’re all a bit better off since this woman started blogging, and those of you who can call her a friend, or a family member of yours, consider yourselves lucky!

The world is a little bit brighter today, and it’s not just because it’s a pleasant 70+ degrees and sunny here in the south! To see the details on her look, make sure you stop by her blog! Or, just go perv her stuff because I said so. Will that work? No.. well, it should! >:O!

Haha, enjoy!

– M ( & B )




HAIR: AD -tantrum  – dark browns

DRESS: .:cheeky:. Dany Dress! Black CrossMesh

BOOTS: TEN”10 Megas boots v.2 black leather

MAKE UP LAYERS: Pink Acid Roxanne Eyeliner

ACCESSORIES: [R3] – Black Studded Gloves Unisex [MESH]

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