[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Hanson – “Lost Without Each Other” ]

[ MOOD: Irritated ]


You know, I had this big epic post planned today and then decided I just didn’t feel like doing it, because apparently one bad mood sucks the life out of any good mood in the area so needless to say, I’m a bit crabby. With that being said, I’m save the epic post for later and instead I’ll give you some new stuff from this week’s round of SL Fashion Week! Hope you enjoy it!

Later, taters.

– M



HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Elisha –  browns

TOP: Pink Acid Shimmy Shimmy Top – Yellow ( @ SL Fashion Week )

SHORTS: ::LC:: African Print Short Set Turq ( @ SL Fashion Week )

SHOES: [whatever] wedge sandal – Yellow ( @ SL Fashion Week )

MAKE UP LAYER: Pink Acid Silk Lips & Teeth Deep – St Nick ( @ SL Fashion Week )

TATTOO: [okkbye] Little Neck Tattoo – The Deathly Hallows ( @ SL Fashion Week )

JEWELRY: [Atooly] Pale Hearts Sea Sprinkle ( @ SL Fashion Week )

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