[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Hanson – “Get The Girl Back” ]

[ MOOD: Thoughful ]


OKay, I’m already starting to slack off but shush you, I’m trying my best! I know I’m getting a smidge lazy but it is what it is. That seems to be my motto lately. There is a lot of stuff happening that I simply can’t change and it’s starting to become to stressful for me, which is exactly when I shut my trap and go into hermit mode until the storm passes and I’m good to continue moving on. Maybe I’m over-thinking things, who knows, but none the less, it’s all there getting boggled in my brain.

Hopefully you enjoy the look, even if I’m being lazy today!

– M



HAIR: eep . hair 007 . browns

DRESS: [J’adore] Spring Dress Blue Chamomille

SHOES: N-core DIVA- White (Mesh)

JEWELRY: LaGyo_Bizarre flower ring  & [ glow ] studio – Ruffle Flower Necklace (dandelion)

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