[ CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Billy Joel – “Tell Her About It” ]

[ MOOD: Relaxed ]

Go away rain! I thought that moving to the south was going to guarntee me good weather. Apparently that was a lie! A lie, I say! All this rain, and thunderstorms, ew. And whats this, isn’t it supposed to be spring now? Bring on the 70 degrees and sunshine, please and thank you. I’m glad I’m able to say cuddled up with my loved ones while the weather is like this, so we can just relax and focus on each other.

Anyway, enough of my yapping! Enjoy the newness.

– M



HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Laurie –  black & whites

SCARF: welldone.atelier/  Winter Scarf / Orange ( @ SL Fashion Week )

TOP: *Epic Boobies* Urban Sorcery Denim Corset {Light Blue}

SKIRT: *Epic* Urban Sorcery Denim Maxi Skirt {Retro}[Blue]

MAKE UP LAYER: Pink Acid Intense Eyeshadow Only 02 ( @ SL Fashion Week )

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