[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Beyonce – “Countdown”]

[MOOD: Creative]

I should never be left to my own devices at 5am in the morning after having coffee and being awake for this long. I start to browse marketplace, my inventory, etc and alas, I end up putting together the most ridiculous outfit ever and end up liking it. I found out that Elate was having a 50% off sale so when I popped over and found this skirt, I was motivated to make a completely outfit based on black and gold… alas, this was the end result. Don’t hate on me if you don’t like it, I’m sleep deprived, I swear. I think it’s cute, anyway, so shush!


– M



SKIRT: (Elate!) Lily Skirt (Onyx & Gold) (Currently having a 50% off sale!)

LEGGINGS: Q – studded leggings

TOP: .tsg. Too Tiny Sweater – Black

SHOES::FANATIK: Pumps with spikes – All in 1

HAIR: Action – Womens Hair Sierra Naturals

JEWELRY: Action – Mesh Geo Stone Earrings

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