[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Eden’s Edge – “Too Good To Be True”]

[MOOD: Content]

Yawnnnnn. I am in serious slacker mode once more because this blog post has been sitting here for hours and I never got around to actually posting it because I got distracted, far too easily, may I add, by my darling boyfriend. One thing leads to the next and ta-da, it’s nearly 7pm at night and here I am, finally blogging! Don’t hate me, I know I’m behind the times, but hell, I’m trying! Forgive me, my darlings!

Enjoy the rest of your evening, relaxing and in good company, because that’s exactly what I’m gonna do!

– M



PANTS: – CHANDELLE – Skinny jeans #2 (blue)

TOP: :: alterego :: sweet nothings – get fucked tee

VEST: – CHANDELLE – Mesh vest #4 (black)

HAIR: TRUTH HAIR Brianna –  black & whites

JEWELRY: [whatever] collier de chien – white & Cute Poison – Multi-Cross Necklace (Basics)

MAKEUP: Pink Acid Pom Pom Lips – Rice Paper

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