[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Luke Bryan – “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”]

[MOOD: Cooooold]

Hello my darling fashionistas! Don’t die from shock but it’s an early afternoon blog post from me! Why is that? Well, because I fully plan on getting drunk tonight since it’s New Year’s Eve and I don’t want to be blog drunk, even though we know how perfectly classy that is! I’m kidding..well..only a little. I have some stuff to do today so I figured that while I have some down time, I’d come online and throw a blog post together for y’all. I know you probably forgot but the BEWBAPALOOZA event starts in just a few days, so I’ve been sorting through a bunch of the stuff and decided, since today is a night to party, may as well blog a cute dress from the event that I totally plan on wearing to any NYE parties in world I may get invited to! xD

In any case, keep your eyes peeled because I’ll have more looks from the upcoming event! Oh, and have a happy, safe New Year’s Eve, okay?! <3!

– M



DRESS: ! ellemeno ! lulu rouched gown – red

HAIR: >TRUTH< Portia –  black & whites

MAKEUP: R.icielli – PARTY Eyeshadows

JEWELRY: [ glow ] studio – Black lace earrings

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