[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Calvin Harris – “Sweet Nothing”]

[MOOD: Ehh. ]

Mid-day post from me! I know, shocked – aren’t you? Rest assured, I am awake and ready for some action. Well, as far as shopping and RP goes at least! I logged in world today to presents and omg, so excited! Christmas  every day, I swear! I know this look is really simple, but it’s a new release, and totally adorable, so I hope you like it! Also, I didn’t realize until just now but I forgot to photoshop this pic – DON’T JUDGE ME! I’m allowed to slack aren’t I?

Enjoy your day, and I’m sure you’ll see more from me soon enough. And maybe even R, who is slacking >:D!

– M


DRESS: *HolliPocket* Babydoll Slip-(mesh)Set 3

HAIR: Magika [01] Stubborn

FEET: *GA* Bare Feet – Flat

NAILS: – CHANDELLE – Dollarbie – December/2012

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