[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Pitbull – “Feel This Moment”]

[MOOD: Excited!]

At 5am on Tuesday, the city of CoLA is more or less asleep. It’s the perfect time to do something crazy. Which is exactly why I decided to take my character for a stroll down on my favorite sim, Lost Beach. She’s a right ol’ polar bear! After sorting through my inventory, I found this hidden gem of a bathing suit from a lovely new shop Blonde&Blonde! I completely forgot I had this, so of course I just had to blog it! Not to mention, with the roleplay environment and the windlight settings, I just couldn’t pass up the moment to photoshoot!

Hopefully you like it just as much as I do and feel the urge to find your local vacation spot in SL and get your bikini body out and ready to go!

– M


BATHING SUIT: Blonde&Blonde – Group Gift – Blondie Bikini – w/Tango applier

HAIR: Magika [01] Tomorrow

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