[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Taylor Swift – “State of Grace”]

[MOOD: Pretty!]

OKay, okay. I know it’s just another blog post about the Depraved Nation Frost event, and yes, you’ve probably seen these outfits blogged a million times but that is because they are gorgeously made. Swoon worthy, actually. Plus, isn’t that what bloggers do, after all? Bring you the most amazing stuff, with their own style twist? Well, here you go my darling shopaholics! The Frost event, M & R style!

As a warning – make sure you are fully prepare to deal with lag, and failed deliveries because I wasted a good amount of L and only a few things actually delivered while I was there – drop your scripts below 60 and also, cam around – you can tp to on the sim so it makes things a lot easier for you! Now, shop on my darlings!

– M (&R)



SUIT: *Epic Boobies* Slasher Suit & Collar (@ FROST)

DEMON LEGS: *Epic* Black Demon Legs [x259]

HORNS: :[P]:- Renne Horns [Xmas Lights]://Santa (@ FROST)

HAIR: [taketomi]_Chamu_Reds

TATTOO: -UtopiaH- The Game of Death Tattoo (@ FROST)

FACE MAKEUP: ::ED:: Creature of the dark-make up 3

NAILS: Goth1c0: Alma Negra set


SUIT: *Epic Boobies* Archangel Suit (@ FROST)

SHOES: :FANATIK: Classic Pumps White

HAIR: [taketomi]_Chamu_Platinums

WINGS: *Epic-Blogger* Gift Box {F.O.T.A. Hunt Prize Aug.16.2012}

CUFFS: ..::DeliciouS::..  Adamantium Prisoner Cuffs

MAKE UP: -UtopiaH- Winter Kitty Make-Up (@ FROST )


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