[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Josh Hoge – “When I Miss You Most”]

[MOOD: Thoughtful]

That’s it, I’m protesting CoLA until further notice! We aren’t getting SNOW this season and it makes me S-A-D-F-A-C-E-D. Seriously. I’m going to start a petition or something. What I mean to say is, even though I’m RPing in a West Coast, warm weathered base sim, I fully expect snow for the holidays. C’mon, it’s the year 2042, ffs, post Wormwood, we should have snow! Okay, end rant.

Regardless of whether the RP chain is getting snow or not, a lot of the factions have been setting up decorations on their bases – I’ve seen the Syndicate, the Pack, the CRNA and of course, the Exiled, set up decorates and it makes me happy. What makes me even happier is that S – the leader of the Exiled (the Sidhe/fae/fairy faction!) made an adorable, dark rp sim worthy, mesh Christmas tree! On top of that, she showered me with adorable Christmas stuff that she made for her shop on the marketplace. Check it out and shop on!

Oh, and enjoy a little sneak peak of my character’s home, complete with a bloody rug and Christmas Tree. RPers, psh, we’re so twisted. xD!

– M


TREE: [Exiled Inc.] Dirty Bloody Christmas [MESH]

PANTS: [Exiled Inc.] -Snowflake Red PJ Bottoms – [MESH]

TOP: Muah! Grey Short Sweater

SLIPPERS: [Exiled Inc.] -Reindeer Slippers – [UNISEX]

HAIR: Alice Project – Hyoyeon – Infinity

GLASSES: [Exiled Inc.] – Reindeer Nerd Glasses -UNISEX- [MESH] – Green

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