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Well, my fashion all stars, this post is going to be a different. I know you’re all so excited to see what new release I’m going to gush about now, but sadly, that is not the case for this blog post! Rest assured though, we’ll be back to your scheduled program soon enough. If anyone has been following this blog from the very beginning, you’ll know that when I started this blog, it was meant to be strictly fashion inspired with an RP twist added. As the months went by, some of that RP inspiration has faded into the background, which is why when I was RPing tonight, I decided it was time to change things up a bit!

Lately I’ve been recalling a lot of memories past from my RP career as an active CoLA member, and though it’s mixed with good and bad things, there is one thing that always stands out. The relationships we form, both IC and OOCly. (That’s in character and out of character, for those of you who aren’t familiar with RP terms!) It’s hard to find someone new in a Dark RP sim that you instantly mesh with, someone who gets your writing style and can follow it with ease. It’s an instant click and creates the ground work for an epic storyline. Hopefully, at least. That is exactly what happened for me upon meeting a newcomer to the CoLA chain. Our characters lives are intertwined from deep rooted paths and they are quickly forming a strong friendship based on that. Plus, it helps to know that he’s not trying to bone my character because she has great mesh boobs. Just… saying! xD

Having an RP like this tonight quickly reminded me of all the good things that came out of my discovery of CoLA those four years ago. It’s been a crazy ride, but hell, it’s been worth it. This roleplayer, this writer, right here, hi, that’s me, is a content little creative creature tonight. So, no fashion post, just a good old story telling.


– M


[22:29] Morg Hancroft continued to lean back against the cement roadblock, peering quietly up at the couple before her, she wouldn’t say anything, just let them talk amongst themselves. She wasn’t feeling overly social and was still a bit crabby from the events from earlier, and wouldn’t want to interrupt the pair more than she already did, but she also didn’t want to be left completely alone at the LAWF building either, which is why she kept awfully close to their personal space and all.

[22:31] Adimar Videns jumped over and onto the barricade and he spotted Morg as he landed, “whoa, what are you doing down there? you ok?”

[22:32] Kal Darcy grinned wider, the new topic of conversation already much more to his liking than predictions and prophecies that just made him rather nervous. “I see,” he murmured, fingers messing about with various bits of the KItsune’s clothing. “This is news to me. What was happening in these dreams?” he prodded. As he heard Adimar behind him, he turned to glance at Morgynn, then the male briefly, offering a slight nod towards the newcomer he’d seen about a few times. But then he turned to stare back at Roa expectantly, seemingly unmerciful of her sudden uncomfortableness.

[22:39] Roary Mystiere was feeling antsy now. She wanted to run around, play, frolic! She began to skip around Kal briefly and looked at Morg. As another walked up and asked her why she was down against the barrier, she assumed that she’d explain, then focused back on Kal. “I wanna…I wanna…” She was thinking. “I wanna tag…” And so, she’d run over towards Kal suddenly and try to prod him in the chest lightly. “TAG!” she’d cry, then bounce back and stare at him…waiting. WAITING.

[22:41] Morg Hancroft nearly jumped out of her skin when Adimar landed on the roadblock beside her, causing her to gasp loudly from the surprise. “Geez,” she said in a shocked, mildly flabbergasted tone. A broad smile forms upon her lips as she realizes it’s Adimar, of course, and without a word, she reaches up to grasp his pant leg in an attempt to pull him down onto the road beside her, “I’m fine, just enjoying the view.” She points to Kal and Roa, “She was skipping a minute ago, could see up her skirt,” she whispers to him with a smirk before she settles back once more, “Have you been introduced to these two yet?” Morg was completely aware of the fact that the couple in front of her could hear her, she just wasn’t going to interrupt them so she would keep her conversation mostly focused on Adimar, though she still watched the pair as Roary began to play.

[22:42] Kal Darcy blinked a little. Yes, he noticed how she deftly avoided his question, but before he could point that out, he was prodded, and well and truly tagged. He shook his head at Roa slowly. “Oh, so it’s come to this, has it?” he murmured, sounding almost threatening. He’d stare for a moment longer, then flick out his right arm as if about to tag her back. But then, that would halt, in a tricky feint, and his left would be darting in to try and prod the side of her arm. “NOW YOU’RE TAGGED,” he’d cry, already beginning to dodge away to the right.

[22:43] Roary Mystiere gasped loudly. “Oh….nooooooo….” She’d run up and try to tag him again, then take off running!

[22:43] Kal Darcy rawred, and chased!

[22:44] Adimar Videns saw the nod offered by Kal and returned the greeting himself, remembering having seen him around, his pant leg is grabbed and pulled, effectively pulling him down, he nods to Morg, “him, I’ve seen around, think they call him Kal” he says as he points to Kal, “her, no” and he grins watching their little game

[22:45] Morg Hancroft laughs quietly as the two run off, shaking her head. “They are love birds. He’s Kalynn, she’s Roary. She’s new here, to the Exiled. Kal, not so much.” She filled him in rather quickly, smiling as she turned to peer over at him now, studying him as he sat down beside her, “Haven’t seen you in a few days, you been all right?”

[22:49] Adimar Videns nodded, repeating their names, “Kalynn and Roary, got it” he watched as they ran off, “she’s not sidhe is she?” he kind of let the pause hang in the air, he looked back at Morg when she asked about him, “I’m doing fine, been busy working in the caves, Shane is preparing something big I think, not sure, but he’s had us cleaning up the caves and preparing his quarters like the old days” he leaned in to her and whispered, “even had us bring the coffin out of its hiding place” he looked at her a moment, “he’s not used it since the island came to be and he and Ru moved there”

[22:54] Morg Hancroft’s face fell as she heard Adimar, an eyebrow raised. “The coffin?” She asks, curious what that could have meant for Shane, and even more so, Ru. Now, she moves to rest herself against his side, not caring if she was in his personal space or not, she would easily snuggle her pregnant body up against his, thankful that there was another person there to keep her company so she wasn’t here alone, thinking of all the things that could, will eventually go wrong in her immediate future. “Did he say why?” she prods a little more, curious what that could mean. That’s when she tosses a gaze off toward the AR warehouse, in it’s close proximity. “Shane was a beautiful vampire, talented to.” She tugs her sweater tighter against her frame, letting the spelled butterfly rest upon her leg now, flittering its wings toward Adimar, though Morg’s slow, evenly paced heartbeat was enough to let the creature know that Adimar’s closeness was welcomed, and he was no harm to any of them.

[23:00] Adimar Videns shook his head, “no, he’s been very secretive about the whole thing, only thing he said was that things were going to change a little and we needed to prepare for what is to come” he shifts to ensure his body offers her support as she leans in to him, personal space was not an issue, he’d grown fond of her rather quickly, “he was one of the most astute and skilled vampires in his lineage, you know, they made him leader of the family before…. well before Andeleon lost it and tried to kill him and Ru, making it so he would become” he looked back over his shoulder at the AR warehouse, “well, what he is now”

[23:07] Morg Hancroft nods as she listens, a sigh escaping her lips a moment later. As her eyelids flutter to a close, a brief moment flashed before her eyes, of moments passed with herself and Shane, now close she considered them at one point, how he felt near her, how she felt around him, how she looked up to him. It was all very much a part of the past but still, something she kept alive inside her, never regretting the family she had gained upon joining the Coven all those years ago, even if now they had all gone their separate ways. “He’s happy, from what he said the other night,” she added quiet as her eyes finally opened, the dark hues settling on Adimar’s face, “I wonder what he has planned…” she thought out loud now, “especially since I don’t think he needs a coffin anymore, just..relies on blood still, like Reenie does.” She chews at her lower lip for several moments before speaking up once again, “Ru didn’t lead on that anything was happening earlier, either.” Her stance relaxes even more, her breathing was steady while a hand slides down to allow her fingers to curl against the swell of her stomach, “Have you been meeting anyone else in the city?” The question was a change of topic, but a good one none the less, since she promised Shane that she would take care of Adimar.

[23:12] Adimar Videns watched her and listened as she spoke, when she said Ru’s name, his face seemed to lose all its color, he went pale, “I know he’s upset at Ru…” he looked straight away down the street, “Shane’s not been going home to the Gatehouse lately, he’s been sleeping in the caves, I thought it was because he needed to be near his home soil, like he’s been in the past” if the butterfly was astute, it would catch the change in energy around the sidhe as he grew uncomfortable, something obviously left unmentioned, he swallowed, “I have been a couple of people in the city, but not very many, I tend to keep to myself, especially after some people insist on not sharing their crates for perching” he looked over at crate mountain

[23:20] Morg Hancroft groans at the mention of the crates. Inclining her head in that direction, she was thankful to see some snow sprinkled around the area, which certainly meant that the frost dear was alive and well. “It’s nothing personal, trust me. It’s hard for anyone in this place to find something and have it remain their own.” As her gaze relocates back to Adimar, she frowns upon catching glimpse of the butterfly as it rose up now, fluttering around the area, higher so that it could study around the roadblock as well as the pair who lingered against it so close together. “They’ll work through it,” she spoke quietly in regards to Ru and Shane, “They have been together for half my existence here, there is no doubt in my mind that whatever is troubling them, can be worked through.” Though, she really didn’t know what the problem was, it wasn’t her place to pry, so she wouldn’t really worry much about it unless it was, to her knowledge, affecting Adimar as well, which she wasn’t aware of. She sniffles then, reaching up to brush against her nose as she grew colder against the night air, laughing quietly before she would speak again, “Don’t let this place intimidate you, okay? It’s big, and scary, sure, you can’t trust anyone really, but… once you know the ins and outs, you’ll be fine. Have you been to the beach?” she questions, an eyebrow inclined in his direction.

[23:24] Adimar Videns watched the butterfly do its thing, not asking why, but just watching, “I spent time in the abandoned metal tube with wings when I was hiding from Ru, when he was so mad at me” he kept his gaze fixed on the street ahead, until a tear broke past the lower lid of his eye, he was glad to be wearing his glasses, so he wiped at the tear, trying to play it off like a scratch, “I think it’s my fault Shane is so displeased… I told him what Ru said to me the other night…”

[23:29] Morg Hancroft’s face falls as she watches him, the way his stance seemed to change, which caused her to feel more intune to him, a feeling that caused her to reach out in an attempt to grasp his hand. If she was successful, she’d draw his hand into her lap, barely pressed to that swollen stomach of hers, linking her fingers through his. If she wasn’t, then her hands would meet in her lap regardless. “Ru is still giving you a hard time?” She wrinkles her nose at the thought, unsure of why Ru would still be holding a grudge over something that seemed to end well for just about everyone involved, at least as far as Morg knew. Settling back against the roadblock once more, she lets her gaze match it, down along the length of the road, quiet and thoughtful for several moments before she would speak again, “Ru is just very passionate, sometimes.” That was really the best way she could describe it, though it’s been a long time since Morg really sat down and bonded with him, she still thought she had some sort of idea on who he was.

[23:32] Adimar Videns ‘s hand was taken, it offered him a sense of reassurance, something he most definitely needed at the moment, “he’s not spoken to me since that night, but what he said was awful, I had no choice but to make sure Shane knew, I had to know what he would choose….” his fingers would attempt to curl some around hers, the anguish of what he felt inside himself making it so, if not able to , it would just seem his hand had twitched, “he said he was giving Shane an ultimatum, Shane had to pick either Ru or me” his head drops, he looks down, hard as tears start to stream down his cheeks.

[23:36] Morg Hancroft tugs him a bit closer, the butterfly that had been fluttering was slowing it’s pace, growing more aware of the emotions that were emitting into the dense air around them. She sighs quietly, pale lips curling into a frown as she gripped his hand tight in return, moving to tug him closer to her, now aiming to wrap an arm around his shoulder, wanting to offer him a shoulder and a support system, like sh e promised Shane she would. Especially now since she was seeing such a side of the man who was quickly becoming someone she would care for, “He said that?” The question hung in the air for a long while before she broke the silence again with her words, “Shane won’t stand for that.” Her head was shaking as she spoke, she thought for sure that Shane would indeed put Ru in his place, assuming Ru needed to be adjusted, since Morg really didn’t know the whole situation. “I’m so surprised he’d risk losing Shane over something that was out of anyone’s control.”

[23:40] Adimar Videns nodded, wiping tears from his eyes and cheeks, “the night he threatened me, saying the Exiled would stand behind him as he tore me limb from limb, helping him do it….” he took a deep, long breath, “he walked off claiming he’d give Shane the ultimatum, several other Exiled heard his claim” he looked at her, “I had to rush home to the island, to try and stop him, I know what that would do to Shane…. I knew how angry it would make him” he leaned in to her comforting, “it was unclear if anything was said to him, so I asked Shane…. apparently, he’d not talked to Ru yet, and he hasn’t really talked to him since then…. I don’t think Shane could stand having his heart broken twice, so closely timed together” after this, he fell silent, a long, quiet pause, as he just sat and stared into the distance.

[23:44] Morg Hancroft quickly shook her head as she held onto Adimar with a tight, affectionate grip. She had to resist the urge to grasp his face in order to wipe the tears from his cheeks for him, but that was her motherly instincts turning on full force. Being pregnant had brought that natururing part of her forward. With another light squeeze being offered, she spoke to reassure him just the way her grip did, “They’ll come to their senses.” She said with a solid nod, “One of them, at least. They’ve gone through worst things than this. Especially after Shane left the Coven.” Her sigh then was a heavy one, recalling how that was for everyone, not just Shane and Ru, as their relationship effected more than just them. “And,” she leans forward now to try to catch his gaze with her dark blue eyes, offering a lighthearted smile, “I’m Exiled, and I will not stand with him on something like this. It’s personal, not factional, and I’m sure several others would agree with me on that.”

[23:48] Adimar Videns tried to be the trooper that Shane and Narin had always told him he needed to be, “I’ll be alright, I just want them to be happy, I told Shane, I’d stay out of his way, Ru that is, so he would not feel threatened by my being around, but Shane insisted that I continue as normal” he sighed, “at least with Shane sleeping in the caves, it feels safer now”

[23:55] Morg Hancroft wrinkles her nose as she listened, unsure of what to really say back to that. “Ru wouldn’t do anything to hurt Shane, especially not walk away from him.” Her gaze was a soft one as she leaned in now, giving him another squeeze as she pressed herself so close to him, hoping she was helping him through this. For a long while now, she sat perfectly still, listening to the air as it pushed through the protective butterfly’s wings, and the sound of her own breathing as she stared off into the distance. “Your loyalty is to Shane, don’t forget that.” She finally spoke up then, her tone was a bit darker than as she spoke, not sure if she was overstepping her boundaries or not, “You’ve been apart of his existence long before Ru was, and Shane will honor that.” Offering him another gentle squeeze of his hand, she raises their conjoined hands to her mouth so that she coulde press her warm pale lips to the back of his hand, “If you need a place to stay, I’m rebuilding Roark and I’s home,” she sighs, hoping then that Roark would there waiting for her when she returned, though as each day passed that he was missing, she grew more worried that he wouldn’t. “and you are more than welcome to stay as long as you need to.” Now, she releases his hand and aims to push her pregnant rear off the pavement, stretching as she stood before offering a hand to Adimar, “I’m going to head back now, actually, it’s time to feed this one,” she pats her stomach, laughing, “and it’s getting cold. Will you be all right?”

[23:58] Adimar Videns rose to his feet quicker than she did and offered a hand to help her up, “be careful getting up Morg, don’t strain yourself” he let her offer and advice sink in, “Yes, my loyalties are with Shane, I will follow and serve him until the ends of the earth” he smiled then, “thank you for the offer, but I am safe in the caves, Ru cannot enter there, they are shrouded from his sight and knowledge” he smiled at that, almost beaming because that was his work, well his and his brother’s, “I’ll be fine, I think I’ll head back to the island myself, I am tired”

[00:01] Morg Hancroft chuckles softly as he moved to get to her before she could get to him in terms of who helped who up. “Ah, well,” she pauses, moving to press a kiss to his cheek if he allowed it, sending him a soft smile then – there was that motherly instinct again. She couldn’t help it, she had this intense urge to mother him too death. “Try not to let it worry you, hm? You are far too pretty for wrinkles.” Now she just laughed quietly, peering around, tugging her sweater tight to her body, “Meet you here tomorrow, hm?” She offers with a smile, before prepared to leave, once he’s agreed or not.

[00:03] Adimar Videns smiled at the kiss and even blushed a little, as a child perhaps would, “no, wrinkles not allowed” he teased, “I”ll come around tomorrow night and thank you again, I feel better”

[00:04] Morg Hancroft grins big and nods to him, “Good. Stay positive, my dear and tell Shane I said hello!” She would wave then before departing just a moment later!

[00:04] Adimar Videns waved at her as she departed, “I”ll give him your message” he said as he headed off too

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