[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Mariah Carey – “Oh! Santa!”

[MOOD: Undecided]

And finally, I have a post about one of those epic events I’ve been mentioning all week! I bet you’re dying to know which one it is?! Well, wait no more! It’s the second annual Winter Fair, 2012! It starts tomorrow and runs until the 15th, with a ton of incredible designers and even more so, a lot of the stuff they are offering are exclusive just to this event, which makes it even better! Am I right? I am, aren’t I?! I’ve been poking around through all the sneak peek stuff and put together this outfit, which I hope you all like, it’s filled with stuff from the event – everything in this post is, aside from the hair!

For more info on the Winter Fair, visit the website: here! I’ll do another post tomorrow with the slurl and what not, so keep an eye out for that! And now, the look! Enjoy it!

– M

P.S – Here is the address for the event! Go  onward and shop my dearies!! <3!


PANTS & SHOES: *Mayden Couture* – Marge Pants Mesh – Brown

TOP: “DEW” Mesh knitted reindeer sweater

SCARF: MiWardrobe – Glitter Scarf – Red & Button Gold

HAIR: !lamb. Wild at Heart (Mesh) – Grayscale Pack – (NOT at the WF event)

SKIN: :::Shiva:::riria-skin002

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