[CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: Josh Kelley – “Masterpiece”]

[MOOD: Amused]

Today, was a good day. I spent it with great people and even dropped into a ccs fight, as well as scoring a few hours for roleplay. Overall, a great day.  And, to make the day even better, you got another post from Ricky! Aren’t you excited? That’s right ladies and gents, my twinage is up and running once again as a blogger. Now, let’s make sure she stays that way, okay?!

Before I forget – there is a new event coming out in the next month that I’m really excited about, and once I have a bit more information, I’ll let you know all the details as usual!

With that out of the way, on to the look. Enjoy, darlings.

– M

DRESS: [J’adore] Elle Knit Dress Pink

TIGHTS: ::FV:: My cute legging heart

BOOTS: [e] Secret Boots – Grey

HAIR: Alice Project – Hyoyeon – Infinity

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